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Anti Narcoleptic F.A.Q.

What are the antinarcoleptic drugs?

Antinarcoleptic drugs are those drugs that help the patient stay awake during periods of time when they experience drowsiness and sleepiness that is not entirely natural or wanted. For example, a condition called narcolepsy can cause something called excessive daytime sleepiness which can be caused by other conditions as well. Excessive daytime sleepiness can be more or less pronounced and when it is very serious, the patient finds it near impossible to stay awake. This is where antinarcoleptic drugs come in and help promote wakefulness and alertness. In the past, stimulants and amphetamines have been used, among other types of drugs, to treat narcolepsy and other such conditions. These days, however, we have true antinarcoleptic drugs that are much safer and much more efficient. These include modafinil, Modapro, Modalert and all the other drugs that you can order here.

2. How do antinarcoleptic medications work?

It is quite difficult to give a proper and complete answer to this question as even the most educated and most knowledgeable of the doctors and scientists are not entirely confident about what actually causes narcolepsy and excessive daytime sleepiness or how antinarcoleptic drugs actually work. So far, they have established that this has to do with increasing the levels of certain chemicals in the brain which cause the person to be more alert and to remain awake. They have also established that modern antinarcoleptics like Nuvigil and Provigil, among others, are far more targeting in their mechanism of action which makes them not only safer, but better tolerated as well.

3. Which conditions may be treated with antinarcoleptics?

The first of the conditions that are treated with these drugs is narcolepsy which is a neurological condition which causes excessive sleepiness during the day. It is a rather mysterious condition as the scientists are still not quite sure what causes it. It has been established that it is a neurological condition and that it is best to address the symptoms. The main symptom, the excessive sleepiness is best treated with antinarcoleptics which alleviate sleepiness and allow the person to be alert and awake. Sleep apnea can also cause sleepiness during the day which is why antinarcoleptic drugs can be used in treatment of this condition as well. There are various other reasons and causes for excessive sleepiness such as depression, sleep disorders and many others and in all of these cases, the antinarcoleptic drugs like Modalert or modafinil can be of huge help.

4. Can anyone take antinarcoleptic drugs?

In general, antinarcoleptic drugs are very well tolerated which means that they would be safe for most people. However, it needs to be pointed out that there are some groups of people for whom the regimen might need some adjustment and who should be extra careful when taking these drugs. These include people with history of heart conditions and events, various issues with liver or kidneys as well as those people who have been addicted to drugs at any point in their life. Antinarcoleptic drugs are usually not recommended to pregnant women as they can cause adverse effects to the health of the fetus.

5. Do military forces use antinarcoleptic drugs?

This is one piece of trivia about antinarcoleptics that always gets around and it is actually quite true. Namely, there are various military units and other emergency units which have been known to utilize antinarcoleptic drugs like modafinil to combat fatigue during prolonged deployments. These medications have been tested extensively for military use and it has been established that they can be used over the course of two or three days during which the personnel gets little to no sleep and where these drugs can help them stay awake without any negative effects.

6. Can antinarcoleptic drugs be used for weight loss?

There has been much talk about using these drugs for weight loss, but up to today, the research has been inconclusive. There have been a few studies that have shown that antinarcoleptic drugs can indeed be helpful during weight loss processes, but there is still so much to study here and to research that this is still not a recommended procedure.

7. Can I use antinarcoleptic drugs to enhance my cognitive functions?

Theoretically yes. Antinarcoleptic drugs like Modapro and Nuvigil have been found to increase alertness and productivity and to help battle fatigue, drowsiness and inability to concentrate. As such, these drugs have been misused and abused all over the world by various groups of people who wish to increase their cognitive functions and who think that these drugs can be safely used as something of recreational drugs. From the medical standpoint, this is not recommended as these are still very potent drugs that can cause severe adverse effects if they are not used properly or if they are used by people who are not aware that they might not be suitable for an average treatment or dosage of any of these drugs.

8. Can antinarcoleptic medications cause any side effects?

Yes they can. There is no pharmaceutical drug that does not produce any side effects and these medications are no different. The good news, however, is that they produce side effects in only a very small portion of users and that these side effects are usually not that bothersome or negative. In addition to this, these side effects tend to go away when given time. One of the side effects that you need to be aware of is the possibility of developing a rash of some kind. If you should notice any sign of any rash anywhere on your body, you need to stop using your antinarcoleptic drug at once and contact your doctor.

9. Are there drugs that will interact with anti-narcoleptic medications?

Yes there are. There are several types of drugs that can interact with thee drugs like Provigil or Modalert and it is important to be at least aware of some of the most common types. For example, drugs that can interact with antinarcoleptics include sedatives, some antidepressants, some anticonvulsant drugs as well as MAOI drugs that are usually used for mood disorders. It is very important not to take any drugs when using antinarcoleptics unless your doctor has told you that this would be alright.

10. Will my antinarcoleptic drugs cure my narcolepsy?

The will not, unfortunately. These drugs are not cures for narcolepsy or for any other condition that can cause excessive sleepiness. These drugs only battle the symptom but they definitely do this more effectively than any other type of drug.

11. Where can I buy antinarcoleptic drugs?

You can get most antinarcoleptic drugs at your local pharmacy, but this is not something that we would advise. Namely, you need to get your antinarcoleptics somewhere where you will be getting reasonable prices and where you can rest assured that you are getting high quality medications that have not been stuck on a shelf somewhere for years. Because of this, the best thing to do is order your antinarcoleptic medications online and get the best deals on them.

12. Which of the antinarcoleptic drugs is the best?

This depends on a number of factors and the best thing to do is let the doctor decide which of these drugs will be the best for you. The important thing is that all of them: Modalert, modafinil, Nuvigil, Provigil, Modapro and Modavigil are all extremely effective and very good.

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