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When to purchase Generic Artvigil online

When to purchase Generic Artvigil online When to purchase Generic Artvigil online

Sep / 18 / 2016

People opt for medicines online purchase for two reasons: online they are cheaper, and you can buy almost any drugs without a prescription on the Internet even if you live in the U.S. The majority of customers we have as an online drugstore come to use from the countries where even essential medicines are highly overpriced. They include the U.S., the UK, and Australia. In the European countries and Asia drugs are cheaper so people do not need to look for a bargain online. But if you reside in one of the listed countries and cannot afford Artvigil, welcome to our pharmacy, where you can purchase Generic Artvigil online ten times cheaper than your local drugstores offer you. Yes, it is not a mistake. In these countries the drug costs around 800 USD or its equivalent in another currency for 15 pills that are enough for a half of month. We offer you to buy the same drug at the price of 80 USD for 30 days. If you think that it is impossible for the same medicine to be sold so much cheaper, read further to know more about generic medications.

What is the difference between the brand medications and generics?

According to the international laws, a generic medication is a legal drug that is equivalent to a brand-name product in dosage, strength, mode of administration, quality, effect, and indications for use. The term is also used for any drug marketed under its active substance name or simply not advertised drug. The drugs are cheaper because they are made after another pharmaceutical company develops the active substance and is either initially obliged to share the formula with generics makers in order to make the medication affordable for broader population or when the developer’s exclusive patent for the medication expires. Generic makers also rarely advertise their drugs since their main advantage is cheap price which wouldn’t be so low if they invested in advertising. They focus on the quality and price of the medicine instead of advertising and promotion. Namely for this reason people from the developed countries rarely hear their names since they are buying what their doctor prescribes and doctors usually get paid for prescribing brand drugs.

The name Generic Artvigil is used in order to show the customers analog of what medication they are about to buy and to facilitate the search for the needed medicine if they only know its brand name. The drugs you are offered to buy when you look for a way to purchase Generic Artvigil online have their own trade names. If you want to check the reputation of a certain  generic you are about to buy, you should ask the pharmacy’s managers the registered trade name of the medicine they sell and then look for the customers reviews on the other websites. Worth noting that not all pharmacies share this information but we advise you to choose the one which is willing to disclose the name of the drug and the manufacturer.

When should you use the drug?

Buy it without any doubts if you suffer from narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea or shift work sleep disorder or if your doctor prescribes you Artvigil for any other condition. In these conditions the daily dosage is 150-250 mg a day.

Some people use the medicine off-label as a cognitive function enhancer and you can also do so if the medication is not contraindicated for you. For the off-label use, it is preferable to be cautious and start from a half of the generally recommended dosage, i.e. from 75 mg to 125 mg a day and increase it only if you do not experience the effect you wished for and if you do not have any adverse reactions from Generic Artvigil use.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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