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When Generic Armodafinil is the best solution

When Generic Armodafinil is the best solution When Generic Armodafinil is the best solution

Jun / 09 / 2016

Certain disorders such as narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder require the use of the potent wakefulness-promoting agents. People who suffer from these conditions can feel inappropriately sleepy even if they get enough night sleep. In this case, caffeine-containing medicines or energy drinks are inappropriate because their use can cause a variety of adverse effects and a general harmful effect on the body. For example, people suffering from narcolepsy have episodes of sleepiness that are similar to those that have people deprived of sleep for 24 or 48 hours straight. In order to cope with this condition, they would need to drink enormous amounts of coffee a day which can result in increased heart rate, nervousness, tremor, increased blood level, etc. The best alternative is to use such FDA approved medicines as Modafinil or Armodafinil or their generic versions that have the same composition but are marketed under other trade names and are cheaper?

What should you choose: Generic Armodafinil or Modafinil?

Both medicines provide a similar effect. Modafinil was discovered and developed as a wakefulness-promoting before Armodafinil, in 1994 by French pharmaceutical company Lafon currently known as Cephalon. Armodafinil is also a creation of Cephalon. For the first time it was used in 2007. Both medicines are considered nootropics which are also referred to as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers and can be used both in healthy people to boost cognitive functions and people suffering from neurological disorders that result in excessive sleepiness. The main difference between the medicines is that Armodafinil is a bit more potent than the previous medicine. Hence, it can be used in lower dosages for the same effect. The drug also has less addiction potential. It is an enantiomer of Modafinil, i.e. it is similar but not identical. It can be compared to a mirror reflection of the first drug.

The choice of the medicine suitable for your case should be made by a professional specialist, a neurologist who should conduct a survey and run necessary medical tests in order to figure out what medicine is the best for you. The advantage of the presence of two medicines is that if you are intolerant to one of them or have other contraindications for its use, you can opt for another. Another advantage of the second drug is that you can buy Generic Armodafinil is that you can buy the medicine online at a much lower price.

How to buy Generic Armodafinil online at the best price?

We offer you to buy Generic Armodafinil online without a prescription and at the best price available today. Our online pharmacy cooperates with the manufacturers of the qualitative medicines directly. Therefore, we are able to sell the most effective drugs cheaper than other sellers.

What exactly do you receive when you buy Generic Armodafinil online?

Generic medicines have different name and package than the brand drugs. They are made after the exclusive patent of the brand owner has expired and they were able to use the same formula for their medicines.

Such practice is approved by the World Health Organization since it helps people from average and below average income get the same quality of treatment as people with higher income have but at the lower prices. All medicines referred to as Generic Armodafinil are approved and licensed in the countries they are manufactured and marketed. Obviously, if in your country a certain medicine is not registered, you cannot buy it at your local drugstore. But be sure, when you buy the drug from our online pharmacy, you purchase clinically tested and approved medicine and not some experimental or counterfeit product.

How can you cope with narcolepsy besides purchasing Generic Armodafinil online?

To date, the disorder cannot be completely cured but you can facilitate the condition getting rid of bad habits such as going to bed late at night, drinking alcohol, coffee, eating unhealthy food and not exercising.

You should also incorporate several naps in your daily routine. Narcolepsy is an impairment of brain function of regulating sleep-wake cycles, but when you take naps, you can help your body to minimize the sleepiness during the day. The naps should not be long. A couple of 20-minute naps should be enough for a normal day.

How should you use Generic Armodafinil?

If your doctor prescribed you namely this nootropics, you should follow his or her recommendation and stick to the dosages prescribed. If the dosage is ineffective, you should consult your doctor about a possibility to increase the dosage. Do not be confused by the word “generic”. If you buy the medicine from our pharmacy and choose the dosage prescribed, you get an identical drug, so you should take it as you would take the brand drug.

If you don’t have a prescription, you can follow these recommendations:

- 150mg-250mg of Generic Armodafinil should be taken daily in the morning in narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea.
- 150 mg of Generic Armodafinil should be taken one hour before the start of your shift in shift work sleep disorder.
- If you don’t suffer from any disorder and simply want to improve your cognitive function temporarily to cope with increased workload or reduced productivity, you should start from a half of the minimum dosage recommended in narcolepsy which, with 75 mg. If the dosage is insufficient, you can gradually increase it if the medicine is well-tolerated and you have no contraindications or take any medicines incompatible with Generic Armodafinil. Once you reach the minimum effective dosage, you should stick to it.


Any medicine can cause adverse reactions. If you buy Generic Armodafinil online without a prescription, you are solely responsible for its use and effectiveness of the treatment. Never use the medicine later than in the morning, never overdose. If you missed the dose, take it as soon as you remembered but if the time of the next intake is near, skip the missed dosage and take only the next one.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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