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When choosing Generic Armodafinil is better

When choosing Generic Armodafinil is better When choosing Generic Armodafinil is better

Jun / 09 / 2016

People, who have trouble staying fully alerted during the day and instead are feeling excessively sleepy face a necessity of using nootropics. Such drugs are also called wakefulness-promoting medicines. They are relatively safe meaning that they can be used by almost everyone over 18 years of age. The main risk group for the medicine use is people with intolerance of the main active substance. Fortunately, there are two major medicines used for such wakefulness disorders that can be an equivalent replacement for each other. These two medicines or active substances on which the medicines with the same effect are based are Modafinil and Armodafinil. For example, if you are allergic to the first drug, you can use the second one and most likely, the medicine will be suitable for you.

How to choose the right wakefulness-promoting medicine?

Obviously, in order to choose the best drug you need to find out your precise diagnosis. For example, if it turns out that you are sleepy during the day not because you don’t get enough night sleep but because you have a certain neurological or other disorder that requires treatment, it is better to start solving the problem from the root. The correct diagnosis and further recommendation on the medicines you need to use should be done by a qualified doctor. The fist specialist you should visit is a neurologist. You can also visit your therapist who based on the other symptoms you report will advise you to go to a certain specialist.

Let’s assume that based on the survey and necessary tests your doctor recommends you buy a certain medicine. In this case, you can buy it either at a regular drugstore or opt for Generic Armodafinil online purchase.

How is Generic Armodafinil online purchase better than the purchase of the drug from a regular drugstore?

There are several reasons why buying the medicine online and especially a generic version of the medicine prescribed is better. First of all, you can greatly save. Generic medicines are based on the same formula and have the same effect. They are cheaper because they are made not by the developer of the drug but by other pharmaceutical companies who were able to start manufacturing the same medicines after the exclusive patent for manufacturing has expired. Such drugs are approved by the World Health Organization and undergo all necessary testing and licensing stages before they are out onto the market. Therefore, the reasons behind the lower price of the drug when you opt for Generic Armodafinil online purchase do not influence the quality of the medicine. It can be also cheaper than the brand drug available at your local drugstores because of the less advertised brand name and because its manufacturer can greatly save on production outsourcing the production from the countries with lower labour cost.

Besides the advantage of buying the same medicine at a considerably lower price, you can also benefit from Generic Armodafinil online purchase if you don’t have a prescription. Worth noting that in some countries off-label use of the medicine as a cognitive enhancer in healthy people is quite common.

However, before buying the drug you still need to check your overall health and whether the medicine is not contraindicated for you.

How to use the drug if you buy its generic version online?

If you buy the medicine having a recommendation about the dosage from your doctor, you should follow his or her recommendation regardless of what the instruction says. If you buy the drug without a prescription, then refer to the instruction and recommendations provided for your condition, age, and the combination with other medicines.

The general dosage for narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnoea in patients over 18 years of age without any conditions in which the use of the medicine is contraindicated is 150-250 mg of the medicine taken once a day in the morning. The optimal dosage depends on the individual features of each particular patient. Therefore, you should start with the minimum dosage and gradually increase it up to the maximum admissible dosage only if the minimum one isn’t working and you still feel sleepy. People who have sleepiness disorder because of shift work should take 150 mg one hour prior to the shift start.

Remember also that even if you feel sleepy in case of narcolepsy even in the dosage of 250 mg a day do not increase the dosage but rather incorporate several naps during the day. The medicine may or may not relieve you from sleepiness attacks at all but you should never increase the dosage above the recommended maximum per day.

Generic Armodafinil online purchase is a great way to save while getting an effective and safe medicine if you use it wisely.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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