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Using Generic Modavigil off-label

Using Generic Modavigil off-label Using Generic Modavigil off-label

Jun / 29 / 2016

Though in some countries wakefulness-promoting drugs are released with a prescription only, they still arouse interest of a lot of people who want to use the drug off-label. Not so long ago, on the Internet appeared a number of articles dedicated to the use of the wakefulness-promoting medicines based on Modafinil as cognitive enhancers. People from all around the world share their experience of using the drugs and most often the reviews are quite positive and it’s not surprising. Not only the medicine is quite safe, doesn’t cause dependence and naturally enhances cognitive functions such as concentration, alertness, speed of thinking, productivity, and as some people report even motivation, in some places the drug can be bought without a prescription. If you want to know how to buy Generic Modavigil without a prescription, read further to find out all necessary information for a safe purchase and drug use.

What is generic Modavigil and how is it different from the brand drugs sold with a prescription only?

Generic Modavigil is an analog of the medicine called Modavigil. Modavigil, in its turn can be called a generic of Modafinil, the originally developed medicine designed to manage narcolepsy. The active substance called Modafinil and later marketed as a wakefulness-promoting drug was first used in 1994 by the French pharmaceutical company called Caphalon. Later, when the exclusive right to manufacture and market the medicine expired, other pharmaceutical companies gained the right to use the formula and make their medications. Such medicines that are manufactured not by the developer are called generics. They are strictly regulated and correspond to all norms and standards. Therefore, if you buy Generic Modavigil from a reliable seller you can be sure that you will receive the medicine identical to the brand drug but several times cheaper. There are only two differences between the brand drug and its generic versions: trade name and price.

How to buy Generic Modavigil safely?

Before you buy the drug and start using it, make sure to check if you are not allergic to it. If you have ever used any medicines with Modafinil and experienced severe side effects, it means that you are allergic to the drug’s active substance and should not use it. If you suffer from severe liver or heart condition, it is also not recommended to use the drug. Pregnant and breastfeeding women need to consult their doctors prior to using the drug to be sure that it won’t harm the baby.

If you are sure that the medicine is not contraindicated for you, you can buy it right away and use 1/3 of the tablet as a starting off-label use dosage and gradually increase it if the minimum dosage doesn’t work for you till the dosage recommended in narcolepsy which is 200 mg a day taken in the morning to avoid insomnia.

When you buy Generic Modavigil online, make sure to check the pharmacy’s reputation looking for the customer reviews on the pharmacy’s website and outside it. Don’t forget to check the active substance of the medicine, dosage per pill if you need a certain dosage and to be sure that when dividing the pill in 3 you will take 70mg. You should also check the expiry date if you order pills for a few months in advance. If you cannot find this information on the product page, ask pharmacy’s pharmacists. Do not order more pills than a general intake for three months requires otherwise you may encounter trouble with the customs service. However, if you buy Generic Modavigil from the online pharmacy we recommend, you can be sure that they will send you the pills in a discreet package that won’t give away the content of the parcel.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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