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Replacing brand Provigil with Generic Nuvigil

Replacing brand Provigil with Generic Nuvigil Replacing brand Provigil with Generic Nuvigil

Jul / 06 / 2016

Individuals who were diagnosed with narcolepsy at least nine years ago, most likely use  on a regular basis Provigil, one of the most effective wakefulness-promoting medicines though not the newest one. The medicine is based on an active substance called Modafinil developed and originally registered by the French pharmaceutical company Cephalon. First, the medicine was approved by the American Food and Drug Administration in 1994. That moment was a real breakthrough in pharmacology because before the development of the safe and effective substance with the prolonged effect, quite unsafe medicines were used such as methylphenidate, amphetamine, and dextroamphetamine. All of the mentioned substances can cause dependence and withdrawal syndrome, as well as toxicity which can lead to irreversible harm to the patient’s health. During multiple clinical trials, it was proven that Cephalon’s alternative does not cause such side effects and has much lower dependence potential. But the company didn’t stop on the creation of Modafinil, the drug maker continued the research and came up with even more refined medication called Armodafinil which can be purchased under the brand name Nuvigil. Since the expiration of the exclusive patent in 2013, you can also buy Generic Nuvigil pills, i.e. the same drug manufactured by the other company who sells it cheaper.

What is the difference between the previous drug and the new version?

Armodafinil on which the generic we are talking about is based was designed to be a better version of Modafinil. In fact, the drugs are quite similar: they provide the same effect, are both safe, they even have almost the same chemical formula. In pharmacology such drugs are called enantiomers, i.e. copies that differ like our mirror reflections. Though, the difference of one small detail that makes Nuvigil an enantiomer resulted it its prolonged effect due to longer half-life of the drug and the need to take lower dosages. For example, with the minimum dosage of 150 mg of the drug taken once a day you will benefit from the same effect as from 200 mg of Modafinil. Moreover, the effect would be maintained for additional 2 hours. Therefore, if you want to save on the treatment additionally, you can buy Generic Nuvigil pills in smaller amounts than you would need if you used the previous version of the wakefulness-promoting drug by the drug maker.

You may think, why did the manufacturer decided to spend money on the development and registration of a new drug if the medicines are almost identical? The answer is simple, the patent for the first drug expired in 2011 and other companies gained the right to make their own versions of the drug being able to compete on price with the original inventor. It obviously harmed the sales of the drug maker foricng it to look for other ways to regain the market. Nowadays, even though the patent was renowned and its expiration date is November 2023, at least ten generic manufacturers have already received the approval of the FDA to make their drugs with the same composition. On the international market you can find even more versions of the drug.

Is it safe to buy Generic Nuvigil pills?

Though, before being allowed to the market all generic medications need to undergo multiple tests, some of them may be of inferior quality. We cannot say for all generics available online but if you order the drug from our online pharmacy, we guarantee that you will receive a safe, effective, and inexpensive medicine that corresponds to the most rigorous quality standards. We value our reputation and offer you to buy Generic Nuvigil pills only from the manufacturers we work with for a long time and whose reputation is well-established and confirmed with the years of successful presence on the international market. At our website you can also find information on how to use the drug, what precautionary measures should be taken, and how to order the medicine and not to get in any trouble with the customs service. If you have any questions but cannot find information about the drug, delivery or our quality certificates, you can always contact our customer support and get a comprehensive consultation from our pharmacists.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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