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Purchasing generic Modavigil online first time

Purchasing generic Modavigil online first time Purchasing generic Modavigil online first time

Jun / 29 / 2016

People look for ways to purchase Generic Modavigil online for different reasons. Some people are diagnosed with the nervous disorders that require the intake of the medicine but want to save buying a cheaper version of the prescribed drug. Others want to use the medicine as a cognitive enhancer and simply cannot buy it at regular drugstores without a prescription. These intentions clearly show the advantages of the medicine online purchase – you can buy it cheaper online and even without a prescription. Doesn’t it sound amazing? However, there are some moments that need to be taken into account when purchasing and using the medicine. No medication should be used irresponsibly without prior consultation with a doctor or at least carefully reading the instruction and making sure that the drug is not contraindicated for you, as well as find out the right dosage and possible side effects you can expect from the medicine use. This is especially important if you plan to purchase Generic Modavigil for the first time and have never purchased any generic medicines before.

When you certainly need to take the drug?

You can be certain that you need to buy the drug if you are diagnosed with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea or shift work sleep disorder and your doctor prescribes you any medicine below the name of which on the package you can see the word “Modafinil”. Modafinil is one of two substances currently approved for the treatment of narcolepsy and somnolence caused by some other disorders. All new generation medicines are based either on this substance or its enantiopure Armodafinil, i.e. a very similar active substance which slightly differs in chemical formula like two palms of an individual are quite similar but reversed along one axis. If your doctor prescribes you Modavigil or other drug based on the first active substance, you should look for its generic to be sure that you are following your doctor recommendations strictly and use the prescribed drug.

What is the difference between the generic and brand?

The original drug first used in 1994 is quite expensive because it was developed with much effort and investment. Generic medicines based on the discovered formula are cheaper because according to the law, other drug makers are able to manufacture copies of the brand drugs when the patent of the inventor expires. Such companies do not spend a lot of money on research and advertising and therefore sell their drugs cheaper. If your insurance doesn’t cover the brand drug or you simply want to save, you can purchase Generic Modavigil from our online pharmacy and get the same effect. You will be surprised how much the prices differ. The quality, in its turn stays the same since the generic manufacturers are obliged to properly test and register their medicines before launching them onto the market.

Tips to follow when you buy the drug online

Though generics should be of the same quality and effect, some unfair sellers attract customers with the low prices and sell them either counterfeit products or expired pills. To buy a qualitative drug, follow these simple steps:

-    Check the reviews on the pharmacy’s website and look for the reviews outside of it.

-    Assess the information the pharmacy provides about the products. If you cannot find info on the expiration date, registered name of the drug and the active substance of the medicine you are offered to buy when you purchase Generic Modavigil, make sure to contact client support and ask them to tell you precise information. If they hesitate, you should better find another seller.

-    Always pay attention to the dosage. For example, if your doctor prescribed you 200 mg of the drug daily, you need to buy 200 mg pills. If you want to use the drug off-label, you may use a reduced dosage of 100 mg.

-    Order a three-month supply of pills maximum otherwise you may encounter trouble with customs service and face charges of illegal import of the prescription medicines for further reselling.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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