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Order Generic Modafinil to enhance your brain

Order Generic Modafinil to enhance your brain Order Generic Modafinil to enhance your brain

Jun / 24 / 2016

Nowadays medicines designed to treat sleepiness caused by brain function disorder are quite popular also among people who do not suffer from any disorder. It may seem strange that healthy people take the medicines without a prescription or recommendation from their doctors but it’s not that surprising. First of all, such medicines are quite safe. They do not cause any damage to the overall health even if used for prolonged periods of time and have almost no contraindications for use. At the same time, they help to increase productivity, memory, and focus making any tasks easier to implement.

Moreover, some people even report that such medicines as Modafinil greatly increase their creativity and motivation. Worth noting, doctors are not quite willing to confirm such positive effects. Such position can be explained by their ethics. They cannot promote prescription medicines for off-label use even if they know that the drugs can be effective for other purposes. Naturally, they are not willing to respond if you use the drug improperly and eventually harm your health. But if you approach the question responsibly, you can benefit from cognitive function enhancers quite safely.

What is Generic Modafinil?

Generic Modafinil is a medicine based on the active substance called Modafinil. It is a universal name for all analogues of the brand drug with the respective name developed by the pharmaceutical company Cephalon. Currently, the medicines are manufactured by a variety of companies. All of them are identical by composition and effect and differ only on the price and the names on the package. When you order Generic Modafinil, be prepared to see a different name on the package of pills. This universal name cannot be registered. Therefore, each manufacturer registers its own trade mark.

Regarding the safety and clinical trials of the analogue medicines, be sure that they had undergone all necessary procedures before being released onto the market. All medications available today are approved by the World Health Organization and are subjects to certain norms and tests before they hit the market.

How to order Generic Modafinil?

In fact, you have two options for purchasing the medicine. If your doctor considers that you have a disorder that makes you sleepy during the daytime, he or she will likely prescribe you the brand drug. Next, you can go to the nearest drugstore and buy the medicine with a prescription or order Generic Modafinil online. The second option is the only option if you buy the drug without a prescription. However, it is also preferable if you have a prescription because the generic version is no different in effect but is much cheaper so why would you need to pay more for the same drug?

At our online pharmacy you can order the medicine in a few simple steps: register using your email, fill in the address and contact phone fields so we know where to ship the drug and how to contact you, choose the number of pills and the medicine version you want to buy, hit the Buy button and we will contact you to finalize the order.

How to use the medicine?

The instruction for Modafinil says that you need to use 200 mg in a single intake in the morning for the management of narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnoea. The same dosage but taken prior to the work shift start is advised in shift work sleep disorder. However, every case is individual. Some people report that they need to take 100 mg two or three times a day in narcolepsy. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor first before you order Generic Modafinil. If you choose the same dosage per pill when ordering the medicine online, you can use it without any adjustment just like your doctor prescribed. However, some people do require dosage adjustments. For example, if you suffer from serious liver function impairment such as cirrhosis, you need to cut the daily dosage in two. Remember also to take the drug in the morning exclusively or you may suffer from insomnia.

People who want to use the medication as a smart drug should take the medicine only if they have no contraindications for its use. For example, are not allergic to its components. You should also check your blood pressure and heart to be sure that you won’t experience any serious side effects. It would be also wise to check if you do not use any medicines which effect is minimized by the wakefulness-promoting drug or those that enhance its action (for example, caffeine). If you are sure that the drug is safe for you, start using it from 1/3 of the tablet or from 75 mg and see how it works. If you don’t suffer from any disorder you don’t need to take the general dosage for narcolepsy. Larger dosage in a healthy individual may lead to the development of side effects.

What side effects the medicine can cause?

When used by people for whom the medicine is not contraindicated, it rarely causes any adverse reactions. For example, during clinical trials only about 11% of patients reported manifestation of adverse reactions such as headaches, nausea, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, and dizziness. However, when combined with other drugs it can cause some negative effects. For example, hormonal contraceptives become less effective when taken at the same time as Modafinil. Caffeine intake in form of medicine, supplement or in food at the same time you use wakefulness-promoting agent may result in increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and nervousness.

What should you do if you overdose?

When you order Generic Modafinil without a prescription online, you are solely responsible for its proper usage. Be careful and use the pills at the same time every day. If you missed the dose, do not take a double dosage next time. If you realise that you took an increased dosage, stay calm, the medicine does not cause any serious side effects even if slightly overdosed. However, if you notice increased heart rate and have a panic attack, you should seek medical assistance. In the hospital doctors can monitor your heart rate and prevent any complications timely.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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