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Generic Provigil 200 mg - F.A.Q.

Jan / 13 / 2016

Generic Provigil became available in the UK in 2002. Up until then, people had to use various stimulants and drugs that were majorly unsafe and that could harm the health of the individual more than help them. The new drug, Generic Provigil has since made some serious impact on the market but people are still not sure what to think about this drug, especially since the talks of people abusing it for whatever the reasons. Here, we would like to see the questions that people are interested in having answered and we will be answering them.
1. Is Generic Provigil a stimulant drug?
Yes and no. Generic Provigil is not considered a stimulant but a stimulant-like drug. The chemical and pharmaceutical structure is different from that of stimulants and the action is quite different which actually makes Generic Provigil a superior drug. On the other hand, the effects are somewhat similar to stimulants as it promotes wakefulness and alertness and reduces sleepiness and fatigue. If you'd like, you can think of Generic Provigil as a stimulant but without all the bad things associated with stimulant drugs, or at least most of them.
2. Will I experience side effects when taking Generic Provigil?
We cannot tell if this is going to happen. Some people experience side effects when using Generic Provigil, some do not. In fact, the vast majority of users do not. Even those side effects that are considered common only happen in a small percentage of people. For most people who buy Provigil online and order it, the entire treatment goes without a single unwanted effect. Some of the side effects that are considered more common with Provigil include headaches, slight nervousness, nausea, dry mouth and troubles sleeping if the drug is taken too late in the day.
3. Can I use Generic Provigil to help me work/study?
If we are talking pure theory, then probably yes. Generic Provigil has been known to increase productivity and it can help you work and study for longer periods of time without needing rest. However, as every doctor will tell, this is something you do not want to do. If you order Provigil on your own without talking to a doctor, you might be risking your health and you might experience severe side effects, especially if you belong to one of the risk groups when taking Provigil is in question.
4. Can I become addicted to Generic Provigil?
There is no mechanism through which you could become physiologically addicted to Generic Provigil. This medication does not produce any dependency, no matter how long you take it and you cannot physiologically become addicted to it. Some people experience great things when taking Generic Provigil, making them alert and productive and they have difficult time going back to their old self, especially if they have plenty of problems with excessive sleepiness, but this is not addiction.
5. Can I order Provigil online safely?
Yes you can. All you need to do to make that happen is find a reputable company and pharmacy where you can get your Generic Provigil and generic Provigil.
Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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