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Generic Nuvigil - the important facts

Jan / 12 / 2016

If you are suffering from a condition that affects your ability to stay awake and especially if you are suffering from something chronic in nature like narcolepsy, then Nuvigil is definitely a drug that you have heard of. And that is a good thing because Generic Nuvigil is one of the most spectacular medications at what it does and what it does is that it helps people who have problems with staying awake do exactly that. It is a drug that promotes wakefulness and that does it with utmost efficacy and without any serious side effects.
Generic Nuvigil is a very new drug as it has been around for only a few years. It is the second drug from the class of medications that are today known as eugeroic drugs. These drugs include modafinil which you may know under the names Provigil or Modalert and armodafinil, which is currently being sold only under the brand name Generic Nuvigil. These two are quite similar drugs with armodafinil (generic Nuvigil) being the newer one and actually based on the older one. It is an exceptional drug and it is much better than anything else that you can have and that promotes wakefulness.
It needs to be pointed out that Generic Nuvigil is not a stimulant, but a stimulant-like drug. This is important because stimulants usually come with various side effects and dangers, which is something that you do not experience with Generic Nuvigil. This drug is far more selective and it works in a completely different way from the more traditional stimulants. It causes some other positive effects, other than just staying awake. Nuvigil will also keep you alert and it will keep you productive and concentrated.
People who buy Nuvigil usually do it for their narcolepsy, although there are additional conditions and problems that can be solved by using this drug. For instance, if you travel by plane a lot and especially if you change time zones frequently, you might want to order Nuvigil and give it a go since people say that it is the best solution for jet lag of all time. People with sleep apnea and some other problems that cause them to have difficulty staying alive during the day also buy Nuvigil online and they all swear that it is a great medication. Because it is.
Generic Nuvigil only rarely causes side effects in users and in the vast, vast majority of these cases; these are mild side effects that almost never cause the patient and their physician to discontinue the treatment. These adverse effects can include headaches, dry mouth, nervousness and agitation. One thing that you do need to remember though, is that there were some reports of Generic Nuvigil causing severe skin rash and that is why you need to be extra careful about any changes to your skin.
Finally, we would like you to remember, above everything else, that Generic Nuvigil is a prescription drug and that this means you should not be just taking it like that, for recreational purposes. It is a drug that is used to treat illnesses and the best way to stay safe is to talk to your doctor before using Generic Nuvigil.
Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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