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Generic Modavigil F.A.Q.

Dec / 22 / 2015

We know that Modavigil is one of the most effective drugs for what it was meant to be used. We also know that many physicians have found generic Modavigil to be useful even in those cases for which it was not designed to be helpful. However, we also know that there is lot of controversy surrounding this medication and that people need their questions answered. We have therefore compiled some frequently asked questions about Modavigil and we intend to answer them truthfully and completely.
1. What does Modavigil do?
Modavigil is a drug that promotes wakefulness. This is important for a number of people who are suffering from different medical conditions that might cause them to experience drowsiness and sleepiness during those periods of day when they need to be awake. Narcolepsy is the clearest example. It is a condition which manifests itself most commonly by the irresistible need for sleep during waking hours on the behalf of the patient. Modavigil helps with this as it helps them stay awake and as it also makes them more alert and more active. Modavigil can even elevate mood slightly and even suppress the appetite although this is still being researched.
2. Is Modavigil safe?
Generally, Modavigil is one of the safest prescription drugs that you can use these days. Namely, it is a drug that is usually well tolerated and which rarely causes any adverse effects in patients. What is more important, it is not habit forming which was the case and still is with drugs that can also be used to promote wakefulness. It is particularly in comparison to these drugs that generic Modavigil shows its true strength, providing the patients with all the benefits but without the dangers of using stimulants such as amphetamines.
3. How long can I take Modavigil?
You can take your Modavigil tablets for as long as you need them. In the past, people with narcolepsy always risked becoming addicted to various stimulants but with Modavigil this is just not the case. This drug will not produce dependency and you can safely take your Modavigil for as long as you feel the benefits.
4. Can I use Modavigil for something else?
Yes you can. Increasing number of people buy Modavigil online because their physicians recommended this drug even though they do not have narcolepsy. The reason for this is that more and more beneficial effects of Modavigil are being discovered and more and more doctors find out that this drug can help their patients. For instance, there are a number of people in the UK who order Modavigil because they have depression and because they have found that this drug can help them. There are even some people who use Modavigil to try and lose weight as it was shown that this drug may have such an effect. Of course, these are still off-label use and should only be practiced if the doctor has recommended so.
5. Will Modavigil cause side effects?
If you use it properly, it is most likely that you will experience no side effects. You might experience some milder ones like headaches and nervousness.
Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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