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Generic Modapro – detailed information

Generic Modapro – detailed information Generic Modapro – detailed information

Jun / 24 / 2016

People who want to buy a generic version of the brand medicine online for the first time want to know as much information about the drug as possible. We understand it and strive to provide comprehensive information in the most convenient manner – answering the most frequently asked questions by the customers. After reading this article you will be able to understand the difference between the brand drug and Generic Modapro, know how to choose the right generic, check if it is what you really needed, and find out how to use the drug in different situations and disorders.

What Generic Modapro is?

Generic Modapro is a collective name of the medicines identical to the brand drug called Modapro. The drug is manufactured in accordance with the international standards and norms that stipulate that the identical medicines can be manufactured by the other companies than the inventor’s of the medicine when the exclusive patent of the inventor expires. All of the generics have their own registered trade names.

Therefore, if you choose to buy Generic Modapro, you can see a variety of names on the package. For example, the names can be the following: Alertec, BravaMax, Modavigil, and others. The medicines are identical in their composition and differ only on the price per pill and trade name.

When Generic Modapro is used?

All of the drugs called so are designed to beat excessive somnolence in narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnoea but are also prescribed for off-label uses such as to eliminate excessive fatigue in depression, primary biliary cirrhosis, spastic cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, and others. They are also used to help to concentrate people with hyperactivity attention deficit disorder and for people under excessive stress during the exams or increased workflow.

Who developed the brand drug and when was it first used?

The brand drug name is Modafinil. It is the name of the active substance that contains in all Generic Modapro medications. It was invented by the French pharmaceutical company Cephalon that introduced the drug in 1994.

Is Generic Modapro harmless?

Yes. The medicine has almost no contraindications for use and is much safer than the medicines used as cognitive enhancers and wakefulness-promoting agents before such as amphetamines that caused serious damage to the physical and mental health and physical dependence.

Whom Generic Modapro is contraindicated?

The medicine is contraindicated only for people with the intolerance of the main active substance, Modafinil. However, the medicine is also not recommended to children before 18 years of age, pregnant and nursing women. In some conditions such as severe liver function impairment or elderly age the adjustment of the dosage is required.

What are possible side effects the medicine can cause?

The drug rarely causes any side effects but its intake, especially during the first days of use, can result in some unpleasant symptoms such as headache, nausea, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, dizziness, or gastrointestinal problems. During the clinical trials of the medicine, only 11% of patients reported some of the side effects occurrence.

What medicines are incompatible with Generic Modapro?

When combined with certain medicines, the drug can either lower their efficiency or, on the contrary, amplify the effect resulting in unpleasant symptoms or conditions. Generic Modapro can decrease the effect of the hormonal contraceptives resulting in unplanned pregnancy. It can also minimize the effect of such medicines as ombitasvir, paritaprevir used to treat cirrhosis, and axitinib and bosutinib used to treat cancer. Diet pills and cold medications’ possible side effects can be more pronounced when the drugs are combined with Generic Modapro. The simultaneous use of the drug with the caffeine-containing medicines or other wakefulness-promoting drugs can result in insomnia, increased heart-rate and blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Can the medicine cause dependency?

During the clinical trials it was proven that the drug has very low dependence potential so it cannot cause a physical dependence. However, if you use the drug to enhance your cognitive function and then get back to your normal productivity level after quitting the medicine use, you may want to start using the pills again to become productive and fast-thinking again.

How Generic Modapro must be used?

If you have a prescription from your doctor for Modapro, Modafinil or other brand drug, you should use Generic Modapro as prescribed. If you don’t have a prescription but are diagnosed with narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnoea, you should take 200 mg in the morning if the medicine is not contraindicated for you. If you suffer from shift work sleep disorder, you should take a daily dosage of 200 mg before the start of the shift work. If you want to use the drug off-label, start with the minimum dosage of 70 mg in the morning. If the dosage is not working for you, you can gradually increase it but not above the 200 mg maximum dosage.

Can Generic Modapro cure narcolepsy completely?

Unfortunately, it cannot. To date, the mechanism of the narcolepsy is not fully studied and therefore the drug to cure it is still not developed. However, wakefulness-promoting medicines can greatly improve the quality of life of people with narcolepsy so that they can even forget that they have a disorder if they take the medicines regularly.

What to do if you overdose?

During the clinical trials of the active substance, the increased dosages were also studied. In generally healthy individuals even the increased Generic Modapro dosages do not result in any serious side effects. However, people with heart problems or increased blood pressure need to be careful and if they overdose they need to seek medical attention in order for their blood pressure and heart rate to be monitored to avoid any complications and irreversible damage to their health.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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