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Generic Modapro as a cognitive function enhancer

Generic Modapro as a cognitive function enhancer Generic Modapro as a cognitive function enhancer

Jun / 27 / 2016

People who are diagnosed with various nervous disorders that cause excessive sleepiness are not new to such wakefulness-promoting medicines as Modapro. They need such drugs to stay awake and beat the bouts of sleepiness that can make them collapse and endanger their lives and lives of people who can be affected by their sleepiness, for example, when a person with a disorder drives a vehicle or operates massive equipment. Such diseases as narcolepsy cannot be treated to the point a patient would not need any medicines, unfortunately. It means that people with the condition need to take the drugs daily all their lives. Fortunately, such drugs are quite safe unlike their predecessors, amphetamines. Amphetamines that even are today used in military of various countries help to stay fully alerted in narcolepsy or when a healthy individual is deprived of sleep for as much as 48 hours. They help to stay focused but cause serious damage to the vital organs and make users develop dependence quite fast. However, some military already confirmed that they plan to replace amphetamines with wakefulness-promoting drugs based on Modafinil because such drugs show amazing effect not less potent than amphetamines but are much safer. It means that the medicine can be also used by the people who do not have conditions for which the medicine is approved but also by healthy individuals who want to enhance their cognitive functions in stressful situations. Unfortunately, in some countries, the drug cannot be bought without a prescription. But you can always order Generic Modapro online.

Is Generic Modapro identical to Modafinil?

Generic Modapro is not a registered name for the medicine, to begin with. It is a term used for the medicines identical to the brand drug Modapro which is based on Modafinil. We can say that Modapro is a generic of Modafinil. There are only two substances currently that are approved to be used as wakefulness-promoting agents, Modafinil and Armodafinil. All medicines sold as generics of these drugs are based on them but are called differently and cost cheaper.

How to know that you can use Generic Modapro?

Before you order Generic Modapro especially for using it off-label simply to enhance your cognitive functions, we advise you to consult your doctor. Even if he or she would refuse to give you a prescription for a drug to avoid any trouble with the FDA who restricts the off-label use of the prescription medicines, you can still find out whether the medicine is safe for you or not. If your doctor thinks that you may experience severe side effects or harm your health using the drug, you should follow his or her recommendations. If your doctor thinks that you can use the drug even if he or she refuses to prescribe it, you can buy the drug without a prescription online.

If you want to start using the drug without consulting your doctor, make sure to read the instruction carefully and find out whether the drug is safe for you on your own. Pay attention to the conditions it is contraindicated in and the list of medicines interacting with which the drug may cause side effects.

How to use the drug off-label?

The maximum daily dosage of the medicine in the conditions it is indicated to be used for is 200 mg. Obviously, if you don’t suffer from narcolepsy and do not need to beat sleepiness you should try a lower dosage. Some people report that even 70 mg perfectly work for enhancing productivity, focus, alertness, and even creativity. Remember that the drug must be taken in the morning or you will suffer from insomnia at night. If you experience any side effects from the medicine use, especially nervousness, rapid heart rate or a headache, you should stop using the medicine immediately. If you don’t notice any positive effects using 70 mg, you can gradually increase the dosage to the minimum effective for you but only if no side effects occur. If they do, lower the dosage to the one that hadn’t caused any side effects.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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