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Generic Modalert online purchase – advantages

Generic Modalert online purchase – advantages Generic Modalert online purchase – advantages

Jun / 24 / 2016

People who suffer from chronic diseases face a problem of continuous need to buy pretty expensive medicines. For instance, people who suffer from narcolepsy to date cannot be completely relieved from the disease. In order to lead a normal life they need to take wakefulness-promoting medicines on a daily basis all of their lives. Moreover, such means are prescription medicines, so every time they need to replenish their stock of vital medicines, they need to go to a doctor for a prescription. There are a lot of inconveniences and mandatory money spending involved in such nervous disorders as narcolepsy.

Still, we can say that such people are lucky that they live today because, first of all, modern medicines used to promote wakefulness in the disorder are quite effective – patients report that with the medicines such as Modalert they can stay awake and alerted not less than 12 hours a day without collapsing. Secondly, the medicines developed not so long ago are much safer than those used thirty years ago. Before the development of Modafinil, the active substance used in the majority of commonly prescribed anti-narcolepsy medicines all over the world, amphetamines and caffeine were used to manage the disorder. Today everybody knows that amphetamines are dangerous substances that should be taken as a last resort. They are able to cause irreversible harm to the human body and psyche, as well as have very high dependency potential. Not many people know that caffeine is also not harmless. The drugs and supplements based on the substance can cause serious heart problems, result in anxiety, insomnia, and even promote the development of digestive tract diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome. And finally, people with narcolepsy do not need to spend a lot of money on the drugs today. Yes, the drugs are expensive but if you opt for their generic analogues you can save up to a half of the treatment cost while receiving the same treatment effect. Find out about the advantages of Generic Modalert online purchase reading further.

What is Generic Modalert?

The medicines found online as Generic Modalert are the drugs based on the active substance called Modafinil. The substance was developed by the France-based pharmaceutical company Caphalon who later lost its exclusive right for the medicine production. Other pharmaceutical companies seized the day and started manufacturing the same drugs. Obviously, they needed to register them under different trade names. Therefore, you can find the same drug under hundreds of names most of the most known to you are probably Provigil, Modalert, and Modapro but there are more of them. Such drugs have identical composition, provide the same effect but are priced quite differently. For example, those companies who didn’t invest in the research but use already made formula and do not spend millions on advertising price their drugs much cheaper. Looking for Generic Modalert online purchase you will find thousands of offers with absolutely different prices.

How to choose the right version of the drug?

Based on the international rules established by the World Health Organizations, the drugs marketed as generics of the brand drugs must comply with the highest safety standards and undergo necessary testing and licensing. For our online pharmacy, we choose only those medicines that correspond with the normative but we cannot say the same about the other sellers and manufacturers of the generics. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to the seller’s and manufacturer’s reputation before you opt for Generic Modalert online purchase. It would be wise to find out who manufactures the version of the medicine you plan to buy to check its reputation based on customers reviews available on the third-party websites and not simply order an unknown generic.

You should also check the dosage of the active substance per pill before you finalize the order. If your doctor recommends you a reduced dosage of 100 mg a day, make sure to order Generic Modalert 100 mg instead of 200 mg even if the price for the higher dosage is lower due to any discount or product promotion.

Always check the active substance. All pharmaceutical companies are obliged to indicate the substance their medicine is based on below the registered trade mark. In case with the wakefulness-promoting drug Modalert it should be Modafinil.

How to use the drug if you opted for Generic Modalert online purchase?

We always recommend all people who want to buy the medicines we sell to consult their doctors first. If you are not sure about the reason behind your excessive sleepiness, you should consult your doctor and undergo a medical check up before ordering the drug.

If you have a prescription from your doctor, follow it neglecting what the instruction for the drug says.

If you have never used the drug and do not have a prescription from your doctor, make sure to read the instruction carefully, check if the drug is not contraindicated for you and that you do not take any medicines it is incompatible with, then if it seems that it is suitable for you, follow the following recommendations:

- Daily dosage for the management of narcolepsy and wakefulness-promotion in sleep apnoea - 200 mg in the morning in a single intake.
- Daily dosage for the shift work sleep disorder is 200 mg taken before work.

The medicine is also a popular cognitive enhancer. If you plan to use it off-label, meaning that you don’t suffer from any disorder and plan to perform Generic Modalert online purchase simply to boost your productivity, we once again recommend you to consult your doctor first. He will not give you a prescription in most cases but at least tell you precisely whether the drug is safe or not for you. If he or she unofficially confirms that you can use the drug, you should not use the general dosage of 200 mg. Some people report that the desirable effect is achieved even in the use of as little as 75 mg in the morning a day.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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