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Generic Modafinil online purchase advantages

Generic Modafinil online purchase advantages Generic Modafinil online purchase advantages

Jun / 24 / 2016

The world has two kinds of people: those who think that everything natural including food and supplements is the best and those who do not hesitate to try something innovative. One of such innovative things is Generic Modafinil, the medicine enhancing cognitive functions in healthy individuals and reliving people with wakefulness disorders from sleepiness. The drug became very popular recently due to the minimum to none side effects, very low dependence development potential and pretty much no contraindications. Initially the drug was designed to manage namely narcolepsy as it helps people with the disorder to be awake during the day without collapsing through the regulation of sleep-wake cycles that is violated in the disorder. For the first time the drug was used for this purpose in 1994. Later, further clinical trials have shown its positive effect in patients with sleep apnoea and shift work sleep disorder. The trials on its effect in other conditions and in healthy people continue to this day but some doctors already prescribe it for so-called off-label uses to help people with attention deficit disorder to maintain better concentration on tasks and people with depression to be more productive.

Some people started using the medicine without prescription at all and report amazing cognitive function enhancing results such as improved memory, overcoming of creative blocks, increased productivity, ability to implement any tasks without much effort, and so on. Generic Modafinil online purchase have become an amazing opportunity for people around the world to enjoy their lives to the fullest without necessarily spending a lot of money on the brand drugs and regular visits to their doctors to get a prescription. Let’s figure out how this works.

What is Generic Modafinil and how it is different from the brand drug?

First of all we need to clarify: Generic Modafinil is not a registered name of a medicine. It is a common term for the medicines based on the brand substance called Modafinil but manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies who register different names for the drug. This practice is possible since international laws allow after the expiration of the exclusive patent by a developer the manufacturing of the same medicine by the other companies.

There are a lot of the same drugs on the market with different names but you don’t need to find them out and remember all of them in order to find a cheaper version of the brand drug. Looking for Generic Modafinil online purchase you will get a ton of results of online pharmacies who offer you to buy various versions of the medicine made in different parts of the world. In a perfect world, all of these drugs would be identical and of the same quality.

Obviously, it is not quite true in today’s world. Some manufacturers trying to offer the cheapest product use inferior materials and sell their generics at ridiculously low prices. But do not despair, if you opt for a reasonably priced generic medicine from our website, you will receive the best quality safe drug guaranteed. We work only with those suppliers whose products had undergone necessary international certification process and are approved by the World Health Organization. Naturally, their products are still cheaper than the brand drug. First of all, they didn’t invest in the research and make the drug using the formula created by the other pharmaceutical company. Secondly, they spend less money on advertising and promotion of their medicines.

Thirdly, usually such companies register their medicines either in the countries with the lower level income only and set low prices for their drugs or enter the same markets as the brand drug but then again they set lower prices to be able to compete with the well-known medicine usually preferred by doctors who get their commission prescribing you the more expensive medicine.

Advantages of Generic Modafinil online purchase

First advantage is obvious if you have read the preceding paragraph, opting for the online purchase of the generic version of the medicine you can save a lot of money. The second advantage is that you can buy the medicine even if you don’t have a prescription for it. Our online pharmacy as well as many others is situated in the country where the law on the wakefulness-promoting medicines is less strict and therefore we can sell the drugs to people who don’t have a prescription or have an expired prescription. Third advantage is confidentiality. If you don’t want anyone to find out that you are using the drug, no one will unless you tell them. We ship the drugs we sell in a discreet package without the indication what’s inside.

How to use the drug

First of all, carefully read the instruction and make sure to check whether the medicine is not contraindicated to you and that you don’t take any medicines incompatible with the drug. Secondly, before Generic Modafinil online purchase it is still recommended to consult your physician first even if you can buy the drug without a prescription. He or she knowing the whole picture of your health condition and medical history will be able to make necessary adjustments in the dosage if they are applicable.

The general dosages for the drug use in narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnoea and shift work sleep disorder are the same as for the brand drug: the daily dosage should not exceed 200 mg. You should take the pills in the morning to avoid insomnia or before the beginning of your shift if you suffer from shift work sleep disorder.

If you plan to use the medicine to enhance your thinking speed, memory, and so on, start with the minimum dosage of 75-100mg taken in the morning if the medicine is not contraindicated for you. If the dosage is not working, you can gradually increase it till the daily maximum of 200 mg but do not start with the therapeutic dosage at once as it may cause such unpleasant side effects as rapid heartbeat, anxiety, panic attack or headache.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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