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Generic Artvigil pills to cope with sleepiness

Generic Artvigil pills to cope with sleepiness Generic Artvigil pills to cope with sleepiness

Jun / 10 / 2016

Creative minds always strived to find ways to cope with tiredness and sleepiness to be more productive and be able to implement ideas they have as quickly as possible. For such purpose various means have been used. Some people do not hesitate to use potent drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines that are known to temporarily enhance cognitive functions and replenish energy. Obviously, such means are quite dangerous. Not only they can severely damage the health of a person who uses them but also have a high risk of addiction development. Fortunately, today there are other means such as Generic Artvigil pills that provide amazing brain enhancing results without dependence development and any harm to the health if a person who uses them does not suffer from a dysfunction or disorder in which the medicine is contraindicated.

When are Generic Artvigil pills primarily used?

Though the medicine has a pronounced effect on healthy people and can help them to improve concentration and productivity, primarily the medicine was designed for people with neurological disorders such as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnoea. In these disorders, a patient can have daily episodes of sleepiness attacks that make normal life impossible. People with narcolepsy, for example, can simply collapse if the attack happens. Sufficient night sleep of eight hours cannot improve the situation as the condition is due to the abnormal functioning of the brain when its ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles is impaired.

In the above-mentioned conditions people can try to use caffeine but practice shows that the substance isn’t the best solution as it can result in increased nervousness, restlessness, stomach irritation, jittering, anxiety, increased heart rate and respiration. Generic Artvigil pills and other medicines from the class do not cause such side effects. Naturally, as any other medicine, they can cause some unpleasant symptoms but the ones most common are less terrifying than those of caffeine-containing medicines. For example, a small percentage of patients who use the drug reports that they experience dry mouth, occasional headaches, and insomnia. In most cases, to mitigate such adverse reactions a small adjustment of dosage is needed.

How to buy Generic Artvigil pills?

First of all, you need to visit your doctor and get a consultation on the sleepiness you are suffering from. Based on the survey and study of your medical history, a doctor will decide whether you need to undergo additional tests or without any tests will prescribe you to use nootropics. With a prescription, you can buy the drug at your local drugstores. However, in this case, be prepared that wakefulness-promoting medicines are quite expensive in the UK. If you want to save or avoid frequent visits to your doctor to get new prescriptions, you can buy Generic Artvigil pills online.

What is the difference between the brand drug and Generic Artvigil pills?

The brand drug called Armodafinil or Artvigil was developed by the French pharmaceutical company Cephalon in early 2000’s and first used in 2007. Since then, the exclusive patent for the substance manufacturing has already expired and the same drugs have been made by a number of other pharmaceutical companies. However, they cannot use the same name as it is protected by copyright. The same medication can be found under a variety of various names but to facilitate your search, online pharmacies came up with a common name for them, Generic Artvigil. When you order the drug, you need to be prepared that you will see a different name on the package but it shouldn’t bother you. Pay attention to the active substance indicated below the trade name according to the international pharmaceutical rules. The name should Armodafinil.

As for the safety of the drug and its effectiveness, all medicines sold as Generic Artvigil pills correspond to the internationally accepted rules and norms established by the World Health Organization. The control is very strict and no medicine can enter the market before appropriate testing and licensing. Therefore, you can be sure that you will receive an effective and safe medicine regardless of the type of generic you buy.

How to use Generic Artvigil pills?

Since the medicine is identical to the brand drug, you should use it according to your doctor recommendations. If you don’t have a recommendation from your doctor, you can start from the minimum dosage of 150 mg in the morning if you suffer from narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnoea or take 150 mg one hour before the beginning of your shift at work. If the dosage is not effective for you, you can gradually increase it till the daily maximum of 250 mg but do not jump to the maximum dosage at once as you may experience side effects. If the medicine is not effective for you even when you take the maximum dosage, stop the intake and consult your doctor.

Off-label uses of the drug are possible but require prior consultation with a doctor and a reduced dosage. If you don’t suffer from any neurological disease but want to improve your cognitive functions in an increased workload, start from a half of the minimum daily dosage.

Precautions to follow when using Generic Artvigil pills:

- Never abuse the medicine.
- Take it only in the morning to avoid insomnia.
- Before you have a proof that the medicine is working for you, do not drive vehicles or operate machines.
- If you suffer from any side effects, reduce the dosage. If the side effects do not fade over time, consult your doctor. Probably you would need to replace the medicine.
- If you missed the dosage, do not take a double dosage next time. Take the next pill when the time comes skipping the missed dosage.

Remember that the medicine cannot cure narcolepsy completely so do not try to further increase the daily dosage. Instead, plan your day in such a way that you have at least one hour for several twenty-minute naps a day.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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