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Generic Artvigil comparison with Modafinil

Generic Artvigil comparison with Modafinil Generic Artvigil comparison with Modafinil

Jun / 10 / 2016

People diagnosed with such neurological disorders as narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder are not new to wakefulness-promoting medicines such as Modafinil. In the majority of countries, the medicine is chosen as a first-line therapy for disorders that make people excessively sleepy during the daytime even if they get enough night sleep. But it is not a single means that can be used to beat inappropriate sleepiness. The same effect can be achieved using Artvigil or its generic analogues. If you already know what drug you need, you can order Generic Artvigil right away from our online pharmacy without reading any further.

The difference between Modafinil and Artvigil

Both medicines were developed by a French pharmaceutical company named Cephalon. The first one was Modafinil first used in 1994. Artvigil was developed on its basis and first used 13 years later. It is hard to explain the difference between the medicines to a non-medical worker or chemist. The second drug is called an enantiopure of the first one. It is one of two stereoisomers that are mirror images of each other. The drugs provide identical effect but their composition is not identical. Figuratively, they can be viewed as two hands of an individual that are the same except for being reversed along one axis. The active substances the drugs are based on are different what is very beneficial for people with narcolepsy who for some reason experience side effects of one drug but are less likely to experience them from another.

Other differences between the drugs include a more prolonged time of action of Artvigil. It also has lower dependence potential and can be used in lower dosages for the achievement of the same effect.

How to buy the drug?

In the United Kingdome, the nootropics discussed in this article can be sold to you only if you have a prescription. They are also quite costly. If you want to save while getting the best of the wakefulness-promoting medicines, you can order Generic Artvigil online.

What is Generic Artvigil?

All the things said about the brand drugs above can be as well said about the generic medicines. Generic Artvigil is an identical analogue of the brand drug without the word “generic” before it. It is a term used to identify the drugs that have the same composition and effect but are manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies than the ones who developed the initial medicine. Such practice is quite common and even supported by the World Health Organization as a measure to make vital medicines accessible for a wider population.

When you opt to order Generic Artvigil online from a trusted seller with a good reputation like our online pharmacy, for instance, you can be sure that you are technically buying Artvigil. However, be prepared that you will see a different name on the package. Though other pharmaceutical companies are able to manufacture the same medication, they are unable to use the same trade name as that registered by the developer. Therefore, they register a number of other names such as R-Modawake, Waklert, Neoresotyl, and many others. Do not worry it doesn’t influence the effect of the drug.

What should you pay attention to when you order Generic Artvigil online?

Though the medicine can be sold under a variety of names, you need to pay attention to the name of the active substance indicated right below the trade name of the drug. It should be Armodafinil. The indication of the active substance name is mandatory, so there is no medicine without it. Next, you should check the dosage per pill. When you plan to order Generic Artvigil online, you can be offered to buy different dosages.

Sometimes, if a pharmacy offers a discount for a bigger dosage it may mislead you. Never buy a bigger dosage than your doctor prescribed. It would be hard to correctly divide a tablet if you need a lower dosage than the one indicated on the purchased package or pills.

Another aspect that worth noting is that you can legally purchase the drug online from another country but the number of pills should not exceed a three-month supply for a personal use. Otherwise, you may encounter problems with the customs service. If you order too many pills at once, it would be suspicious and the authorities may consider that you plan to resell the drugs.

Are there any other ways to beat narcolepsy?

To date, the most effective medicines to beat sleepiness in narcolepsy are the ones we discuss in this article. Unfortunately, they will not relieve you from the disorder forever. But you can improve the situation if you generally improve your lifestyle, incorporate exercising, healthy diet, and several naps during the day. Such changes will help you to become more active and energetic so that even if you still would need to order Generic Artvigil online you will need to take fewer pills for a desirable effect.

Off-label uses of the medicine

In some countries, it is a common practice to buy the drug for so-called off-label uses. People who do not suffer from any neurological disorders still do not hesitate to enjoy the benefits of the medicine use. They report that Generic Artvigil contributes to better alertness, concentration, motivation, feeling of energy, and increased fluency or fluidity of thought. They say that all tasks especially monotone ones require much less actual effort or attention.

Some additional advantages include improved perception, productivity, and even appetite suppression which can be of great help for people who are trying to lose weight. With that being said, you can order Generic Artvigil online and use it even if you don’t have any disorder that requires the use of the drug. However, we would recommend you to undergo a general check up and consult your doctor first in order to be sure that the medicine will do no harm to you.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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