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Enhancing your brain with Generic Nuvigil

Enhancing your brain with Generic Nuvigil Enhancing your brain with Generic Nuvigil

Jul / 06 / 2016

 Not all people know that some prescription drugs can be used not only for the conditions listed in the instruction but also to enhance certain functions of the body safely if you are healthy. One of such drugs is Nuvigil. The drug is a popular solution to cope with insufficient night sleep and increased workload in reduced productivity among various groups of people. Unfortunately, in some countries, the drug can be bought only with a prescription. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the cognitive function enhancer without going to your doctor, read further to know how to order Generic Nuvigil pills without a prescription safely.

How does Generic Nuvigil acts?

The properties that make the drug effective in wakefulness promotion are similar to amphetamine and methylphenidate. However, the drug acts differently on the entire body not causing dependence and any harm to the organs and systems. The active substance of the drug called Armodafinil is an indirect dopamine receptor agonist that inhibits dopamine reuptake increasing extracellular dopamine levels. Through these chemical reactions, the medicine increases alertness and beats up sleepiness. The effect of the medicine is pronounced within 12 hours and does not require multiple intakes during the day.

How to use Generic Nuvigil?

Generic Nuvigil is a complete analog of the brand drug Nuvigil, therefore, it is used in the same manner as the instruction for the brand drug says: 150 mg in the morning for narcolepsy or other disorder that makes you sleepy throughout the day. If you don’t notice a positive effect, you can increase the dosage to 250 mg a day. It is a maximum safe dosage. If you take a bigger dosage, you can experience side effects such as headache and insomnia.

If you want to use the drug as a cognitive enhancer, you can start from taking a half of 150 mg pill and gradually increase the dosage till the minimum effective dosage.

There is no need to take the drug several times a day, a morning intake usually is sufficient for a whole day effect.

Before you order Generic Nuvigil pills

Some people want to buy the drug online to save money on the treatment when they already have a prescription, some  want to use it off-label and don’t know how to use the drug and whether it is safe for them or not. If you haven’t read the instruction, we recommend you to keep in mind that:

-    The drug is contraindicated for people allergic to Armodafinil. If you had previously taken similar medicines and experienced side effects, you should opt for Modafinil-based drugs to get the wakefulness-promoting effect without side effects.

-    The drug is not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women since its effect on fetus and baby are not fully studied.

-    If you have any chronic conditions such as impaired function of liver or kidneys, increased blood pressure or heart-related disorder, you should first consult your doctor before using the drug.

-    The interaction of the medicine with certain medicines can cause adverse reactions. For example, the effectiveness of birth control pills and patches is highly reduced by Generic Nuvigil intake while the effect of diazepam, phenytoin, propranolol, clomipramine, and omeprazole-based drugs is amplified. If you use warfarin or monoamine oxidase inhibitors you also need to consult your doctor and possibly undergo frequent checkups.

We strongly advise you to consult your doctor before you order Generic Nuvigil pills and use the medication only if your doctor says that it won’t do any harm to you. Only doing so, you can enjoy the use of the drug to the fullest and with a peace of mind.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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