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Detailed information about Generic Modavigil

Detailed information about Generic Modavigil Detailed information about Generic Modavigil

Jun / 29 / 2016

Before deciding on an online purchase of an analogue of the drug your doctor prescribed, it is wise to find out all of the information about it before you finalize the order. Online some prescription drugs can be bought without a prescription meaning that even people who hadn’t consulted their doctors can easily order the drug. Though we strongly recommend consulting your doctor, we still strive to provide you with full information based on which you can see yourself whether the medicine is suitable for you or not. In this article, we are going to talk about Generic Modavigil.

What Generic Modavigil is?

Generic Modavigil is a term used for the drugs manufactured on the basis of the active substance called Modafinil. This term is used to facilitate customers’ search for the needed drug. For example, if your doctor prescribed you a brand drug called Modavigil, you can look for its generic version to pay less money for the same drug. All the generic medicines have their own legally registered names but you don’t have to remember them. Just look for the drug your doctor prescribed and add the word “generic” before it. You should also remember the active substance name which is Modafinil to check it when you order Generic Modavigil online.

Why is Generic Modavigil cheaper than the drug of the known brand?

The company who developed the active substance on which all generic Modavigil drugs are based invested a lot of money and effort in research. Respectively, it prices its medicines higher while other companies who under the FDA generics regulations are able to use the same formula for their drugs can price their medicines cheaper because of the lack of investments. It is a legal practice but they have to wait till the exclusive right of the patent owner expires.

When is the drug used?

The medicine was designed primarily for the treatment of narcolepsy. Later it was discovered that it is also effective and safe in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea. These are the conditions the medicine is allowed to be prescribed for. However, multiple researches show that the drug is also effective for so-called off-label uses to increase productivity in depression, reduce fatigue in primary biliary cirrhosis and multiple sclerosis, improve concentration in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A lot of people also refer to the drug as to a smart drug or cognitive enhancer.

Can the medicine cure narcolepsy?

No, it cannot fully restore the ability of the brain to regulate sleep-wake cycles it can only temporarily help manage the symptoms.

Is Generic Modavigil safe?

Yes. The medicine is quite safe unless you are allergic to its components or take the general dosage while you need a reduced one.

Can a prolonged use of the drug harm your health?

It is been proven that the medicine can be safely used for long periods of time without any damage to the user’s health.

Whom the medicine is contraindicated?

The medicine is contraindicated for people allergic to its components and especially Modafinil. You can detect whether you are allergic to Generic Modavigil if you experienced severe adverse reactions from the use of other Modafinil-based drugs. The medicine is also not recommended for children and teenagers younger than 18 years of age and pregnant women. People with severe liver dysfunction or heart failure need a reduced dosage of the medicine and frequent monitoring of their condition.

What adverse reactions can the medicine cause?

Since the medication is considered quite safe, the probability of side effects occurrence is quite low. Only about 11% of people who participated in the clinical trials reported manifestations of such side effects as a headache, insomnia, indigestion, and nausea. If your body badly tolerates the drug, you may experience anxiety, increased blood pressure and rapid heart rate. In this case, you need to seek medical assistance.

With what medicines Generic Modavigil is not recommended to be combined?

The medicine affects the action of hormonal contraceptives and can lead to unplanned pregnancy. Generic Modavigil also lowers the effect of such medicines as ombitasvir, paritaprevir, axitinib, and bosutinib. When combined with diet pills and/or cold medications, the intensity of possible side effects of one or another medicine amplifies. The use of the drug should not be combined with other wakefulness-promoting agents regardless of their active substance as it may damage your cardiovascular system.

Can the medicine cause dependence?

No, the medicine is considered to have very low addiction development potential. It doesn’t contain any substances that can make your body addicted to the pills.

Where can you buy Generic Modavigil?

All countries have their own generic medicines manufactured either in the country or outside the country but are allowed to be imported. Probably, you can find some generics at your regular drugstores if you ask pharmacists to sell you a generic medicine instead of the brand one prescribed by your doctor. But you cannot buy the drug without a prescription at a regular drugstore, for example, in the UK. In other countries, you can do so. You can buy Generic Modavigil online without a prescription from an online pharmacy situated in one of such countries.

How to use Generic Modavigil?

If you have a prescription from your doctor how to use the drug, follow the prescribed dosage. If you don’t have a prescription but are diagnosed with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnoea or shift work sleep disorder, you can take 200 mg a day. If you don’t suffer from the mentioned conditions and want to use the drug off-label, you should start from a 1/3 of the tablet and gradually increase the dosage till the recommended 200 mg a day if you don’t see a desirable effect but tolerate the medicine well.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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