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Buy Generic Modalert to get an effective treatment

Buy Generic Modalert to get an effective treatment Buy Generic Modalert to get an effective treatment

Jun / 24 / 2016

If you suffer from excessive somnolence caused by a neurological condition, most likely your doctor will prescribe you to take Modalert or other medicines with the same effect. The drug is a wakefulness-promoting agent or nootropic, a substance that regulates sleep-wake cycles when the brain isn’t able to do so due to certain impairments. Fortunately, the medicine is quite safe meaning that it will not do any harm to your body in a long run even if you would need to take the drug lifelong like required in narcolepsy. However, the brand medicine is quite expensive and is sold only with a prescription in some countries such as the United Kingdome. If you want to avoid spending hundreds of pounds each month, we would recommend you to buy Generic Modalert.

What is Generic Modalert?

Generic Modalert is not a single medicine. It is a term used for the drugs with the same composition as Modalert that are manufactured by the other companies. In fact, even Modalert can be called a generic since it is manufactured by the other company than that who invented the active substance the medicine is based on, Modafinil. Meanwhile, the medicine is manufactured by hundreds of drug makers from all over the world. Some of them sell the drug cheaper, some more expensive but the drugs are the same. All of the drugs you are offered when you look for a way to buy Generic Modalert had underwent necessary testing and licensing and correspond to the claimed quality and properties. The rules based on which the medicines are approved to be called generics of a certain brand drug are developed by the World Health Organization. But be ready that you are going to see a different name on the pills package because each and every manufacturer has to register its own trade name and cannot use the name Generic Modalert.

How to choose Generic Modalert when you opt to buy the drug online?

Though we said that all the medicines are identical we didn’t say that the sellers are all fair. It means that even if an online pharmacy claims that it sells the best quality generic drug it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will buy Generic Modalert of the best quality. You need to check the reputation of the seller and even ask him to send you photos of the product package so you would be sure that it doesn’t have the expired shelf life. You should also check the active substance of the medicine. In case of Modalert and its generic versions it should be Modafinil. All packages of the registered and approved medicines have the name of the active substance written on the packages of pills and blisters below the trade names of the medicines. Make sure to check it before you buy the drug. If you cannot find this information at the webpage that offers you to buy Generic Modalert, do not hesitate to contact pharmacy’s staff and clarify the details.

Other important information that you need to check before you order pills is the dosage of the active substance per pill. For example, if your doctor prescribed you to take 100 mg daily, you don’t need to buy 200 mg Generic Modalert as you would need to divide the pills every day manually and can divide it wrongly so you would take different dosages every day.

How to use the drug if you buy Generic Modalert online?

If your doctor prescribed you Modalert or other medications based on Modafinil and you decided to buy the pills online to save and not because you want to use the drug off-label, you should follow your doctor’s recommendations. If you have used other medicines than Modalert before for the treatment of narcolepsy or other disorder but decided to replace the wakefulness-promoting agent, you can start using the pills as the instruction recommends: 200 mg a day either in the morning or one hour before the start of the shift work. Morning intake is preferable for narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnoea while the intake before work is suitable for people experiencing excessive somnolence due to shift work.

Off-label uses of the drug include a variety of conditions starting from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to primary biliary cirrhosis. Some people even use the drug when they have an increased workload at work or to get through a tough period of their life. In such cases, it is advised to take the minimum dosage of 70 mg and see how it works. If no desirable effect is achieved, the dosage can be increased to the maximum of 200 mg a day.


We in co case recommend you to start using the medicine without consulting your doctor first. The drug is quite safe and do not have dependence potential but still can be dangerous if you combine it with certain medicines or have serious health conditions that in acute form can be potentially life-threatening if you use Generic Modalert.

If you still want to buy Generic Modalert without first consulting a doctor, for example, if you think that he or she may refuse to prescribe the drug to you since you don’t have indications for its use, you should at least carefully read the instruction and make sure that the medicine is not contraindicated for you. You should also be prepared that it can cause certain side effects and be ready to cope with them.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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