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Buy Generic Artvigil instead of the brand drug

Buy Generic Artvigil instead of the brand drug Buy Generic Artvigil instead of the brand drug

Jun / 10 / 2016

Generic medicines are a great way to save while getting the same treatment. People from all corners of the world buy generic drugs and receive the same level of treatment that expensive pharmaceutical brands offer patients in the UK. It is especially important to be able to save on the treatment while receiving the same quality and effect of therapy if you need a prolonged use of the drug. For example, such diseases as narcolepsy require a lifetime intake of nootropics, i.e. wakefulness-promoting drugs. People suffering from this disorder cannot stay fully awake and alerted during the day due to the inability of their brains to regulate sleep-wake cycles. Obviously, to lead a normal life they need a drug that can help them beat up unbearable sleepiness.

There are two main drugs to manage the disorder – Modafinil and Armodafinil. All other names you may know are generic medicines based on the same active substances and formulas. Unfortunately, the medicines cannot cure the disorder but at the same time, they can improve the quality of life and not harm general health even if used for years. The drugs have slight differences which are beneficial for people who have an allergy to one of them. There is a very little chance that you will be allergic to both medicines.

How to choose Generic Artvigil?

The majority of regular drugstores in the UK sell brand drugs approved and registered in the country. Such drugs are expensive and are preffered by the pharmacies because selling them they can earn more.

Moreover, such drugs are released with a prescription only which also makes them more expensive. If you want to save, you need to buy Generic Artvigil online.

Online pharmacies are situated in various locations all over the world. Commonly, in the countries where generic medicines are manufactured and are even sold without a prescription. Choosing a reliable seller, you can benefit from the purchase of a high-quality medicine at an affordable price without even providing the seller with a prescription from your doctor.

Our online pharmacy is the right choice for you. We work directly with the manufacturers of the generics and are able to guaranty their quality backed up by all necessary certificates and licenses. At our online drugstore, you can choose any generic suitable for your budget and be sure that it will meet your needs. If you still have doubts what drug to choose, you can always account on the help of our qualified and friendly customer support.

How to use the drug if you buy Generic Artvigil instead of the brand drug?

Since the drug is identical to the brand medicine your doctor may recommend you, you can use it in accordance with your doctor recommendations. If you choose to use the medicine on your own, you can use the following dosages:

- In narcolepsy and sleep apnea – from 150 mg to 250 mg taken once a day in the morning. The minimum dosage may be suitable for you so you won’t need the increase of the daily dosage. If it is not working, you can little by little increase it and stop at the minimal effective dosage.
- If you are sleepy due to your shift work, take 150 mg one hour before your work shift starts.

These recommendations are based on the clinical trials and are suitable for the people for whom the drug is not contraindicated and who do not need any adjustment of the dosage related to various health conditions. Before you buy Generic Artvigil, we strongly recommend you to read  the instruction, compare your conditions with the ones in which the medicine is contraindicated, make sure that you are not using any drugs with which it is incompatible, and so on. The best way to use the drug properly would be to consult your doctor first.

The drug can be also used off-label to boost productivity. In this case, the starting dosage should be 75 mg. Then again, you should consult your doctor first before starting the use of the drug.

Natural cures for narcolepsy

Unfortunately, sleepiness disorder cannot be treated without wakefulness-promoting medicines but you can improve the condition doing the following:

- Going to bed early and at the same time every day to develop a regimen and sleep at least 8 hours at night.
- Make time for several twenty-minute naps during the day to replenish your energy even if you use nootropics to stay awake.
- Avoid caffeine as it is unsuitable for the condition and can only worsen the situation increasing the blood pressure, causing nervousness, and so on.
- Change your diet to a healthier one. It’s no secret to anyone that heavy food such as pork, fat beef or fish, hamburgers, and French fries make people sleepy because the digestion process requires a lot of energy. Save your energy opting for healthier food and you will experience fewer sleepiness attacks.
- Do not consume alcohol or smoke. These substances negatively affect the nervous system which function is already impaired by the disorder.
- Exercise daily to stay fit and let the energy flow through your body. People who exercise usually are more energetic than the ones who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

In order to start enjoying your life to the fullest, make the change today and buy Generic Artvigil to forget about the symptoms that interfere with your happiness.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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