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Become successful - order Generic Artvigil

Become successful - order Generic Artvigil Become successful - order Generic Artvigil

Jun / 10 / 2016

If you look for a way to order Generic Artvigil, probably you are suffering from a neurological disorder or otherwise induced excessive sleepiness. We are glad to inform you that you are on the right path!

Generic Artvigil is an amazing alternative to the brand drugs: the medicine is identical to the brand drug called Artvigil or Armodafinil but can be bought much cheaper and even without a prescription. If you know how and when you need to use the medicine, you can skip this article and order Generic Artvigil from our online pharmacy right away. If you are still unsure whether the medicine is suitable for you read further and find out the most important points.

What Generic Artvigil is and when should it be used?

Before you buy the drug, you need to know what precisely you are going to use and what effect it provides. Generic Artvigil is not a brand name. It is a general name for all medicines based on Armodafinil, an active substance developed by the French pharmaceutical laboratory Cephalon in 2007. The drug belongs to the class of nootropics or cognitive enhancers that improve memory, energy, attention, concentration, reaction, and productivity. Some individuals also report that the drugs enhance creativity and motivation, as well as help with less effort implement even the most difficult tasks.

The main indications for the medicine use are three health conditions: narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnoea. In some countries, the medicines are also allowed to be prescribed to boost energy in individuals with decreased energy levels in depression, improvement of concentration in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other neurological conditions. In the UK, the medicine is sold only for the uses listed in the label. You cannot buy the drug at a local drugstore if you don’t have a prescription from your doctor but you can order Generic Artvigil online from our online drugstore.

How safe the medicine is?

Before the development of such nootropics as popular Modafinil and Armodafinil on which Generic Artvigil is based, various amphetamines were used to solve the same problems that currently solve the above mentioned medicines. It is no secret to anyone that amphetamines are quite dangerous. First of all, they can cause irreversible harm to the mental health of a patient. Secondly, they can seriously damage main vital systems of the body. Thirdly, they have a very high dependence potential. None of these flaws are inherited by the amphetamine-like drugs such as Generic Artvigil. The term “amphetamine-like” indicates that they have similar mind enhancing effect but the negative effects, fortunately, are left behind. Though the drug still can cause some harm. For example, we wouldn’t recommend you to order Generic Artvigil if you have an allergy to some of the components of the drug. It is also not recommended to use the drug for pregnant women or those who are nursing a baby. People with severe liver or kidney failure should also be careful using the drug since in their conditions the clearance of the medicine is impaired.

The drug can also cause certain health issues if combined with such drugs as MAO inhibitors, diazepam, clomipramine, warfarin, and others. Therefore, it is highly recommended to notify your doctor about all the conditions you have and medicines you take before you order Generic Artvigil.

Advantages of the choice to order Generic Artvigil at our online drugstore

There are several doubtless advantages of ordering the medicine online. First of all, you don’t need a prescription. Secondly, the generic versions of the drug are cheaper than the advertised brand drugs. Thirdly, you don’t even need to leave your home to get the drug.

Buying the medicine from our online pharmacy you will also benefit from the free shipping on big orders regardless of the country, city or town you order to.

If you worry whether it is legal to buy prescription medicines without prescriptions, rest assured that it is perfectly legal. All you need to remember is not to order too many pills at once to avoid any suspicion from the side of the customs authorities who may think that you are importing medicines to further resell them.

How to use the drug?

The general dosage of the medicine for narcolepsy and sleepiness caused by insufficient sleep in obstructive sleep apnoea is 150-250 mg once a day taken in the morning. Start with the minimum dosage little by little increasing it if you can’t notice a desirable effect but never use the dosage that exceeds the daily maximum. If you suffer from sleepiness associated with shift work, take 150 mg before the start of the shift. If you want to use the drug off-label to enhance your cognitive functions without suffering from any neurological disorder, start from a half of the minimum daily dosage which is 75 mg. Take the drug exclusively in the morning or you may suffer from insomnia otherwise.

Following the general recommendations if you don’t have any contraindications for the medicine use, you most likely will not experience any side effects. However, we still recommend you to consult your doctor before you decide to order Generic Artvigil to use it daily.

Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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