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All the uses for Generic Provigil

Jan / 13 / 2016

One can never be absolutely sure where a certain medication will end and what it might be used for in the future. For instance, finasteride came out in 1980s as a new prostate enlargement drug. In a few years, they realized that it can also help men keep their hair as they get older and nowadays, finasteride is being equally used for prostate and for the hair loss. We can see something like that happening with Generic Provigil as well and there are a few reasons why this is the case. First of all, Generic Provigil is rather safe and it rarely causes any adverse effects. On top of that, it is a versatile drug that produces several positive effects which make it more useful.
For the majority of people who buy Provigil online, it is about reducing the negative effects of narcolepsy which is the condition that the drug was originally developed. This is a condition that affects a certain percentage of the population that is much larger than previously believed and that can have severely detrimental effects on the everyday life of the individual. Narcolepsy is characterized by the inability to stay awake at certain times during the day. This is called excessive sleepiness and it can be very difficult to resist for people suffering from narcolepsy. Generic Provigil is not a cure for this condition but it helps with excessive sleepiness and allows the patients to live active and productive lives.
Generic Provigil is also often used in treating obstructive sleep apnea. This condition is also considered a sleep condition as it occurs when the person is sleeping. Namely, people who suffer from this condition have a more lax soft palate which can partially or completely block the air pathways during sleep. As a result, many people experience excessive sleepiness due to the fact that their brain does not get enough air during the night time. Sleep apnea has a number of treatments and when people experience excessive sleepiness, they order Provigil online to help them with that aspect of the condition.
Some other sleep disorders such as circadian rhythm sleep disorder and shift work disorder can also be successfully treated with Generic Provigil which can help patients stay awake when they would otherwise feel sleepy and drowsy.
There are some new uses for Generic Provigil being discovered daily and these new uses are more experimental and usually do not have to do with the wakefulness promoting aspects of Generic Provigil. For instance, it has been established that Generic Provigil can help with cognitive functions to a degree and that is why there is the use of this drug in helping people who have suffered some cognitive impairment due to, for example, chemotherapy or multiple sclerosis.
There has been some research done into the possible use of Generic Provigil in treating depressive disorders as well as some depersonalization disorders that can also be treated successfully with the drug.
Finally, there is some research that suggests that Generic Provigil may even be used as something of a diet pill although this use is still being debated and researched.
Consult your healthcare professional before using any drug.
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